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Eli has been a stage actor since he was a kid, with a special love for musicals and physical comedy. He has acted in, produced and directed many shows, and worked at prestigious theaters such as the Old Globe Theatre and La Jolla Playhouse, in San Diego, CA.


He's co-founder of The Improv People, a comedy improv troupe that has been entertaining audiences for over 10 years. 

His greatest theatrical achievement so far has been the creation and performance of his well-loved, award-winning, mostly solo show OUT OF THE BLUE - A Miraculous MUSICAL, which continues to delight and inspire audiences internationally.


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Nominated in 6 categories by Broadway World Los Angeles, 2022!

Runner Up: Best Solo Performance


Infused with humor and original music, award-winning OUT OF THE BLUE - A Miraculous MUSICAL is a heart-warming and inspiring true story celebrating the resilience of the human spirit - and the power of intuition - in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

After a dire cancer diagnosis, Eli embarks on a memorable healing journey learning to make peace with his past, growing up as a gay kid on a quest for love. Playing nearly 25 characters, Eli takes the audience on an intimate ride filled with love, laughter, heartache and miracles. 

Book, music and lyrics by Eli Hans. Performed by Eli Hans and Joseph Bennett. Directed by Meridith Grundei.


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"As a theater critic for 30 years, never has a piece of theater so affected me personally. It’s relentlessly charming and delightful… full of heart, humor, and hope.” Pat Launer - Emmy Award-winning theater critic, San Diego CA

“Wow! What an accomplishment! An award-winning performance and a first-class production all the way!” 

Michael Gottlieb - Artistic director, actor, author.

"Delightfully straightforward, honest and earnest, amusing and moving, beautifully sung and cleverly staged. Bravo! Bravo!" Michael Dobbin - Theatre Director

"Polished, moving and beautifully told. The songs were not only entertaining, but memorable. The whole package was superbly engaging. I adored the show! Susan Page - Executive Director, San Miguel Writers' Conference

"A triumph! Smart, insightful and compelling. Eli’s singing and acting are exceptional and contain enjoyable nods to classic musicals." Janette Higgins - Audience member


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For Booking Information please contact us.

For Speaking Engagements or Motivational Workshops related to the themes of Out of The Blue, let me know here. 

Themes: Hope and resilience, self-love and self-acceptance, deep healing, cancer survival, connecting to our intuition for answers, closure after the suicide of a loved one, the artistic process of creating a successful solo show. 


Last year, I had the honor of delivering an inspiring TEDx talk.
It was thrilling at every level!

"A second chance to create an extraordinary life worth living."

Having survived three life-threatening events in my life, one of my favorite topics to share with audiences is  the idea of "resilience": how to use the seed of change inherent in traumatic and challenging experiences to powerfully transform our lives for the better.

I love to inspire audiences to take charge of their own healing, allowing difficult circumstances to propel us forward into not just surviving, but learning to thrive.

Motivational Speakers &
Personal Growth Workshop Leaders

Eli Hans, along with his business and life partner Joseph Bennett, are passionate speakers and motivational workshop leaders. They work beautifully together to create dynamic, transformational workshops and engage audiences on various topics related to personal growth, spirituality and self-improvement, all with positive, humorous and inspiring perspectives. 

Eli and Joseph


"Eli & Joseph are masterful facilitators of group process. With a light touch and great wisdom, they bring out the best in people."

Mitch Ditkoff - President, Idea Champions, NY

"I've never seen a couple with such perfect synergy. I felt uplifted and inspired!" Warren Hardy - Founder, Warren Hardy Spanish

"Relentlessly charming and delightful… full of heart, humor, and hope.” Pat Launer - Emmy Award-winning theater critic, San Diego CA

Eli and Joseph are available to speak and facilitate workshops on the following topics:

  • Create a Life You Love! — 5 Essential Steps to live a happier, creatively expressed life.

  • Get Your Mojo Back — Discover your Passions! 

  • Heal Your Life — Connect deeply with your intuition to find your own answers.

  • Opening Up to Love — Find (and keep) the Love of your life.

  • Thrive! — 5 Holistic Pillars of creating Optimum Health (for people with chronic illness or cancer.)

  • Creating Closure — Learn to communicate with loved ones who have passed so you can heal grief.

  • Loving Who I am - Creating self-love and deep self-acceptance (ideal for young adult/college audiences and gay youth.)


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