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Transformational Solo Theatre Coaching, Development and Direction.

Do you have a meaningful solo theatre project you want to share with the world, but feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start?

Do you already have a show, but feel it could use another set of eyes and ears to improve it and make it as good as it can be?

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I can absolutely help you birth your creative baby or improve what you've already created! 


Helping you create a magnificent work of solo theatre happens to be what author, Gay Hendricks, would call as my "Zone of Genius." 

As an award-winning playwright and performer of my own solo show Out of The Blue, and combining my experience in theatre for over forty years as an actor, producer and director, with my skills as an inspiring life coach for the past eight, I am 100% dedicated to helping my clients create magnificent and transformative solo shows that inspire, entertain and change lives. 

Whether you're brand new, or already have a solo show or two under your belt, I can help you figure things out from start to finish:

  • formulate and organize your ideas into a tangible form

  • write your first draft or finesse your current script

  • edit and refine to keep only what truly matters

  • develop memorable characters that will linger with your audience 

  • solo theatre technique (clear character transitions, narrator or not, etc.)

  • bring your story to life in the most theatrical way possible

  • decide on appropriate music, media and projections, props, costuming, etc.

Excited about possibilities? 

This could be the most thrilling part of your life, so far.

If you're seriously considering exploring this empowering and transformational art form, I would LOVE to meet you!

Schedule a FREE 30-min Creative Chat

and let's get the ball rolling!

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