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"Your LIFE STORY is the greatest gift you can leave behind in the hearts of loved ones, to cherish for generations to come."

Please don't let the wonderful stories of your life remain untold.

Discover a fabulous, totally creative and fulfilling way to share them with your family - and with appreciative audiences - so they can live on forever!

Join award-winning playwright and performer Eli Hans and improv actor extraordinaire and author Joseph Bennett on a transformative writing and performance adventure.


This unique page-to-stage creative workshop approaches the writing and telling of your personal story as a way to not only inspire and entertain, but in the process, ignite your creative spirit in unimaginable ways.

WRITERS!  Bring your brilliant words and characters to life - from your manuscripts to the stage - with YOU performing it all! (Yes, even if you've never done it before!)

ACTORS! Imagine writing and performing your own material, showcasing your strengths and stretching your acting chops, exploring what SOLO theatre is all about!

CREATIVES! If you get turned on by creativity pouring out of your pores, S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G your creative boundaries to create magic... THIS is it!

NOT ANY OF THOSE? Well, as a HUMAN, you have experienced life-changing events, hilarious moments, great successes and even challenges that, in hindsight, helped you become stronger, more alive and perhaps even more resilient.


Sharing your life story with an appreciative audience can be life-changing!


All of us have an amazing story that deserve to be told. Yes, even YOU!

  • A beautiful well-lived life, filled with precious memories, joys and losses.

  • An insurmountable challenge (or several) you managed to overcome.

  • A series of unique events that might be inspiring to others.

  • A hilariously funny moment that gave you a new life perspective.

  • A unique ancestry or how you and your family came to be here today.

A few words from Eli, your guide through this adventure:


"Writing and performing award-winning Out of The Blue – about my miraculous cancer healing journey - has been the highlight of my creative life.


The process of developing and finally sharing it with audiences internationally, has been beyond my wildest imaginings. (Being nominated in 6 categories by Broadway World L.A.  and winning the Encore Producers' Award at The Hollywood Fringe festival wasn't too bad either!) 


The experience has been so fulfilling and all-encompassing that I’m feeling called to facilitate this unique storytelling experience, using theatre as a vehicle of personal transformation.

I hope you'll join me, and my fabulous partner Joseph, in this bold and exciting new adventure!"

Screen Shot 2023-01-05 at 9.30.12 PM.png



This creative workshop takes place both live in our studio theatre in San Miguel - or on Zoom, if you can't be there in person. It will help you get your momentum going and motivate you to

consistently sit down to write - and then perform your story - as you explore your creativity, learn to trust your instincts, tame your inner critic, and express yourself authentically.


Starting a creative project of this nature may seem daunting at first, but I promise you... with the support you'll receive from me, my incredible consort Joseph Bennett - and the wonderfully safe space that is created by our amazing participants - you will soar!


There are two 9-session workshops coming up:

SUMMER  & FALL- 2024

(dates TBD)

GET ON WAITING LIST to get info as we determine dates.

We meet once per week on Mondays. The final showcase and tech rehearsal is on Thursday.


Time: 11 AM SMA time (10 AM Pacific / 1 PM  Eastern.)

Be aware of daylight savings time changes .


Writing sessions are 2 hours; performance sessions are 3 hours. 

You'll receive a detailed schedule 30 days before classes begin.


The 9-session workshops are divided into two sections:  WRITING and PERFORMANCE


  • You'll develop a story you will perform as a 7-minute theatrical scene.

  • You'll invite your creative muse to come and play through writing prompts and improv games.

  • You'll identify which moments are most appropriate to be told on stage effectively, and how.

  • We'll explore story structure and develop an outline to give your story a strong foundation.

  • You'll write your compelling short piece and refine it by the time you start rehearsals.


  • Whether or not you've ever performed on stage, you'll do a great job!

  • You'll explore how to best deliver your material and gain confidence through rehearsal.

  • You can be as creative as you want - using simple costumes and props - or keep it simple, too. 

  • You can read it, memorize it, or a combination of both. 

  • We'll explore character work to make your performance seamless and compelling to watch.


In the end, you'll perform your story in front of a small, loving and appreciative audience.

Nothing is more thrilling than that!

Your performance will be video recorded so you can share it with loved ones.

EXTRA: Workshop sessions are recorded on Zoom and available within 24 hours.


21 hours of instruction and final performance/show;  1.5 hours of One-on-One coaching!

  • 4  2-hour sessions of writing/development

  • 3  3-hour sessions acting/performance (and polishing writing)

  • 1.5 hours of One-on-One coaching with Eli (1 hour direction - 30 minutes script editing.)

  • 2 hours of tech rehearsal

  • 2 hours Final session -  Showcase Performance

  • Video of your final performance


Class limited to 8 fabulous adventurers (minimum of 4.)

NOTE: This process requires some time outside of class to refine your story and rehearse.

Additional One-on-One coaching with Eli is available if you want to take advantage of it.


If you've been looking for a meaningful and creatively fulfilling experience... this could be the most exhilarating thing you'll ever do!

And... if you LOVE this process and want to expand your story into a full solo-show, I'm happy to work together afterwards to take your stories to the next level.​

* BONUS * - The first FOUR people who register will receive an additional 30-minute script-review/feedback session with Eli during the program. 

About Eli Hans
ELI HEADSHOT NEW 1_edited_edited.jpg

"You'll be in excellent hands. 

I am PASSIONATE about this stuff!"

(And my talented, creative husband Joseph Bennett, will join us as well!)

A true Renaissance Man, Eli is uniquely qualified to guide you through this fabulous creative process.


Here's a bit of background:

  • Award-winning playwright and actor, producer, composer, singer, improviser, and motivational personal growth workshop leader. 

  • Creator and performer of award-winning Out of The Blue. Nominated in 6 categories by Broadway World, LA!

  • Winner of the Encore Producer's Award and nominated Best Two-Person show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.

  • Trained at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting.

  • Producer/director of numerous theatrical productions and TV commercials.

Director of Educational programs at The Old Globe Theatre, San Diego, CA Artistic Director - Institute for Arts Education, SDCA ​Assistant to Director "Blood Wedding" La Jolla Playhouse ​​Assistant to Director - "Blue/Orange" Old Globe Theatre ​Co-founder of The Improv People troupe in San Miguel. Acting coach, leader of dozens of acting and improv classes. ​Passionate life & creativity coach.  Co-leader of "Wondrous Writer's Writing Retreat" with Joseph Bennett ​And, most recently - TEDx Speaker. ​

Enjoy the TRAILER!

Awards & Nominations




$699 USD 
Save up to $100 now!

$50 off - early bird discount

 $50 off - returning student


(for returning students who register early :-)



First four students who register receive an additional 30-minute script review/feedback session with Eli.

Get on the WAIT LIST to be the first to know when our new dates are determined! 

(We'll keep you posted) 



Can't wait to witness your creation!

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